Addiction Psychiatrists

Substance Abuse Psychiatrists

Here is a list of several psychiatrists and one physician to whom I refer regularly. Most have a psychodynamic orientation. Please feel free to call me with questions about referring to an Addiction Psychiatrist in Philadelphia.


Tom Riordan, MD
Main Line
(610) 565-1244 

Dick Limoges,  DLFAPA MD
215 (627) -5650
St. Regis Court, Suite 1-B
822 Pine st Suite 1B 19107-6187

Fred Bauer MD
Center City
215 471 2807

Chuck Giannasio MD
Elkins Park and
University of Pennsylvania
215 576 6548

Marina Goldman MD
215 740 3690

Neal Shore MD
Bryn Mawr
1062 Lancaster Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA
cell:  610-212-8066     

Lester N. Fogelsanger, MD
(215) 760-4461

Mike Frost
610 567 0088

Herbert Avart
Cell:  6103566250
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