Addiction Therapy in Philadelphia

addiction in PhiladelphiaDo you think more people commit suicide in cities like Philadelphia and in the North-Eastern states like Pennsylvania during the holiday weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years than other times of the year? Most people would say yes. This is actually a myth. In fact while drug and alcohol abuse may rise in Philadelphia during these times, addiction related suicide claims the lives of more addicts and alcoholics in states like Pennsylvania during the warm weather when people are out of their houses more and often have more energy to carry out their threats. During the cold winters of Philadelphia, addiction leaves most people more depressed and too lethargic to carry out a suicidal plan. Nevertheless, suicidal threats are as serious as gunshot wounds and if the addict in your life is struggling with thoughts of suicide get them to an addiction therapist immediately. Addiction therapy in Philadelphia has burgeoned in the last few years and there are numerous options for treatment, counseling and intervention.

The Bermuda Triangle of the Holidays can make a struggling addict feel even worse. While it is no small task, it is necessary and always possible to easily find addiction therapy in Philadelphia and in the surrounding suburbs. The devastating consequences of drug and alcohol abuse affect everyone in the life of an addict. Furthermore, addiction affects people who might seem unaware like children, friends and extended family. It can seem overwhelming to navigate the treatment issues of insurance, rehab versus outpatient treatment, should we see a psychiatrist or psychologist, counselor or therapist? etc… Yet addiction therapy in Philadelphia is accessible, convenient and comprehensive and there are multiple resources, lists and databases to help you find an addiction therapist, counselor or psychologist.

For most people with an active addict in their lives, it is constantly baffling why that person won’t seek help. Here are various reasons why addicts and alcoholics may not seek help:

  • Ashamed of others finding out
  • Denial that there is an addiction or any other mental health problems
  • Confusion – Not knowing where to get addiction therapy in Philadelphia
  • Believing they can stop on their own
  • The addict and alcoholic’s continued association with other active addicts in Philadelphia region
  • Belief that addiction treatment is one-size-fit’s-all or overly spiritual or religious

There is excellent, diverse and individualized addiction therapy in Philadelphia which can offer multiple treatment choices. A few important things to know.

  • Although complex and painful addiction is treatable and most people do recover
  • Addiction therapy in Philadelphia is diverse, offers different methods and treatment approaches
  • The majority of addicts suffer with other mental disorders. An addiction therapist and especially an addiction psychologist specializes in ferreting out these issues and catering appropriate treatment
  • It takes adequate support and time for someone with a substance abuse disorder to start the healing process; addiction therapists and addiction treatment in Philadelphia can support this process during all phases of the treatment process from detox, inpatient, intensive outpatient and long term aftercare
  • Detoxification is just the beginning stage of addiction therapy in Philadelphia. It is critical that all phases of addiction therapy are sufficiently mapped out throughout the process.
  • It is extremely important that addicts undergo medical monitoring and have a medical workup including testing for diseases such as, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C
  • Teaching and counseling an addict to change how they live, who their friends are, what they do for enjoyment and what gives them meaning and purpose in life is a wonderful gift


Addiction therapy in Philadelphia is available today.