Since I am a licensed clinical psychologist and also a certified addictions counselor you can be reimbursed for our sessions. However, I don’t sign contracts with insurance companies for several reasons, described below, but I can work with your insurance company as an “out-of-network” or “paneled” provider. It usually an easy process and I can help you with it. You’ll have to contact your insurance company and ask about your mental health or substance abuse “out-of-network benefits.” Insurance companies can reimburse any amount they chose to though which may be 30% and may be 80% percent depending on your plan and deductible. All my patients pay my fee at the time of our session or before and then I will provide you receipts that you can submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement. It’s important to ask your insurance company whether you will have a deductible, how many sessions they’ll pay for and what percent they’ll pay for. Also ask them if they will need a diagnosis and if you are concerned ask if your diagnosis will be keep confidential or will it be transmitted to future insurance companies should you ever change plans. Unfortunately, because of the difficulties with insurance companies today many people I work with do not end up using their insurance plans at all. About half of my patients do not submit claims at all and for those that do there are a large range of reimbursements that they receive. If you really need to be fully reimbursed for all of your treatment the only way to do that is to contact a therapist that has contracted with your insurance company. If you want to choose a therapist that you have a good match with this may be the only way of doing it.