Dual Diagnosis and Recovery (2003, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance)
This brochure outlines the symptoms of depression and mania, offers a checklist of some of the symptoms of problem drinking; answers some questions such as Am I still clean and sober if I take medication? and What if I relapse?, guidance for loved ones who want to help, and resources.  If you would prefer to view this as a web page, go here http://www.dbsalliance.org/site/PageServer?pagename=about_publications_dualdiag

Dual Diagnosis and Integrated Treatment of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Disorder (2003, NAMI)
A scholarly overview of the importance of treating both the mental condition and the addiction concurrently, with some of the approaches outlined.

Anxiety Disorders and Alcohol Abuse (Anxiety Disorders Association of America)

Information on how anxiety and alcohol abuse interact and how to treat them.

Mental Health America (MHA) (formerly the National Mental Health Association)
Community-based network with affiliates.  One of their primary goals is public education.  Another is action and advocacy on a national level.  They have concise information about dual diagnosis (listed as “co-occurring disorders”) and address insurance reimbursement, including appealing denials.

Support Groups (12-step)

Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR)
Support groups for people with diagnosed with both addiction and mental health issues.  They also address risks and benefits associated with the medications prescribed for mental conditions and other issues.  At this time (12/09), there is no online meeting directory.  The contact person is Howie Vogel, PO Box 245055, Brooklyn, New York 11224, Phone/Fax: 718-373-2684, e-mail:  HV613@aol.com.