Mental Health and Addiction Topics Substance Use Disorders

Here is a list of just a few topics that might be of interest to you or others. I have provided links to articles, websites and associations that provide additional information on these subjects. I have done my best to choose content that appears objective, reliable and valid. A lot of the information that you may find online may be complicated and there are often multiple perspectives to a clinical problem. Doing research on your own into a mental health condition should not be a substitute for meeting with an appropriate mental health professional. That said, learning as much as you can about your mental health and wellness enables you to take better control of your life and can go a long way in supporting your treatment, emotional health or personal growth. Please call or email me if you have questions about anything you have read here or if you find anything that seems inaccurate objectionable or misinformed. This section is a work in progress and I hope to keep it current and updated as much as possible.