Information and Self-Tests

The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery
An online resource from psychologist Kimberly Young which, although is generally more about internet addiction, has a cybersexual addiction quiz (under “Self Tests” in the Recovery Resources section) that might be useful.
Has an interactive quiz for sex addiction. The professionals affiliated with the site have questions and answers posted and, you can ask your own questions as well. AddictedSpace features online forums on different topics encompassing first-time visitors, family and friends, addictions, the recovery process, mental health support and recovery, military, and general and community. AddictedTube has videos from a variety of sources and subjects, from recovering addicts to professionals, ranging from natural ways to ease anxiety to how to spot cocaine addiction.


Cybersex and infidelity online: Implications for evaluation and treatment (Young, K. S., Cooper, A., Griffiths-Shelley, E., O’Mara, J., & Buchanan, J. Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, 7(1), 59-74, 2000)
The descriptions of the changes that can occur in a partner engaging in an online affair (cyberaffair), guidelines for rebuilding marital communication and rebuilding marital trust can be helpful.

Your Brain in Love (Scientific American, February 2011)
A graphic that shows which regions of the brain and chemicals are invovled in passionate love and other types of love.


Sex and Love Addiction
An expert from Britain’s National Health Service discusses the difference between sex and love addiction, while clare discusses her struggles with love addiction and the psychological and physical symptoms she experienced.