As a licensed psychologist and certified addiction counselor with a private practice in Philadelphia, I have had extensive experience working with many different clients and patients in numerous settings.  In commitment to our community, I established Jeremy Frank & Associates as a group of like-minded individuals who want to promote the health and well-being for those who want to address substance use and other mental health areas.

Areas in which I specialize include working with patients facing a variety of concerns including addictions, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, family, marital, and relationship issues, stress, sexual orientation and much more.  I believe counseling is a process where a client and therapist work together to establish an agenda that will accomplish a client’s goals for therapy. This may initially require something as simple as sorting out thoughts and feelings and it might be more complex such as uncovering unconscious feelings or learning to communicate more effectively with loved ones.

This website is designed for patients and therapists to learn more about how I work and how I might be able to help. Obtaining counseling for a mental health issue is a personal, sensitive and often complicated experience. I hope to provide information here that will make this process an easier, more informed and more humane experience.

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