There are a lot of ways that our clinicians at Jeremy Frank & Associates can help. When you phone our practice, Jeremy or an associates will be available to you to discuss your needs, concerns and questions.  It may be helpful to ask  for exactly what you are looking for if you know what that is. Of course, many clients do not know exactly what they want or need, and so meeting with one of us as an initial appointment or consultation should allow for clarification. The majority of our work is with individuals, though we also provide sessions with couples, family members and families. Starting with a consultation or even a phone call, we can quickly determine what options you might have and what would be the best way to pursue them. Sometimes, we can refer you right away to a more appropriate resource or colleague and oftentimes just a few questions can enable you to know if it makes sense to move forward with an appointment at our practice.

There are no stupid questions to ask and please feel free to ask ANYTHING that you would like. As a psychotherapist or talk therapist it is our jobs to be the quarterback for your treatment. If you need additional resources like to consult with a psychiatrist or to do psychological testing, meet with a nutritionist, physician or try your first AA meeting, we consider it our roles to help and support you through making those connections. Therapy or counseling does not start and end with your therapist. In fact, the goal of therapy is to eventually not need a therapist anymore. In the meanwhile, we can help by coordinating your services and helping you to choose what services might be most helpful to you.