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Heroin Abuse and Addiction (PDF File – Feel free to reprint)
This file, part of the National Institute of Drug Abuse’s Research Report Series, discusses heroin abuse, short and long-term effects of heroin use, treatment, and more.

Heroin: Abuse and Addiction
This page by the Cleveland Clinic gives information on the short and long-term effects of heroin use, possible medical complications and treatment.

Overview of heroin abuse research and information from the National Institutes of Health.


Using Buprenorphine to Treat Opiate Dependant University Students: Opportunities, Successes, and Challenges (DeMaria, P., Sterling, R., Risler, R., Frank, J., Journal of Addiction Medicine, December 2010)
This is an article I collaborated on where we report our recent findings in working with college students addicted to opiates and their use of Suboxone (Buprenorphine).

Personal Accounts

Kicking the Drug Habit (Morton, Geoff, The Easterner, 06/09/03)
A former heroin addict tells how she kicked the addiction and stayed clean.


Explorer: Heroin Addicts Speak
Meet people deep in the throws of a heroin addiction, with no way out.

First Person: Heroin Death’s Emotional Toll
Sue Tayon discusses the death of her daughter Nikki from a heroin overdose. Since 2006, heroin deaths rose a total of 18.3 percent, to a reported total of 3,206 in 2008, according to the Associated Press research.

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