Family training intervention for substance abuse, drug and alcohol use and addiction in Philadelphia

The Family Training Program at  is part of a series of research projects conducted by research and treatment specialists affiliated with the Treatment Research Institute offering “intervention” for family members who have become worried and concerned about another family member’s drug or alcohol abuse.  The Family Training Program offers the possibility for free training in ways to intervene with a family member’s drug or alcohol use and addiction. If you and your family is eligible, this treatment program can be a tremendous benefit.

Most research programs however do follow a strict research protocol and so individualized treatment tailored to your loved one’s needs may not always be possible. This is a solid program conducted by top-notch research psychologists and psychiatrists in Philadelphia if you can be accepted into the study.  Many families can also have excellent success working with an addiction psychologist to coordinate treatment for your family member who is abusing drugs or alcohol and the family impacted by his or her use.  Addiction psychologists can address all aspects of addiction treatment including assessment, evaluation, intervention, treatment and consultation for detox or inpatient treatment or rehab.

While structured training programs or interventions can be quite beneficial, an addiction psychologist may have increased flexibility to meet as needed more frequently and not having to follow predetermined protocols means a greater adaptability and wider range of treatment may be available to you and those about whom you are worried and concerned. As addiction is invariably accompanied by a variety of other mental health concerns it is important that the mental health professional providing treatment, training or intervention be a specialist in both drug and alcohol addiction as well as psychological and other mental health treatment.

Interventions and other forms of family training are also applicable to process addictions including gambling, food addiction, sex addictions, shopping addiction and some other mental health problems. If you are worried or concerned about a family member’s drug or alcohol use, meeting with an addiction psychologist and mental health specialist is an important first step in determining drug and alcohol treatment options for you or your family member.


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