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The Bermuda Triangle of holidays for addiction and recovery (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years   Alcohol and drug use, family and the holidays converge to form the Bermuda Triangle of Addiction (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years)   As we approach the Holidays which are generally a time of joy and celebration for most people we should [...]

Dear Parents and Colleagues,   Please find below an announcement from my mother, Elaine Frank, a social worker, who runs excellent Parent Child Groups which have helped me and others with the complicated issues that arise in parenting at various developmental ages. If you can’t make this information session please do no hesitate to call [...]

The Family Training Program at  is part of a series of research projects conducted by research and treatment specialists affiliated with the Treatment Research Institute offering “intervention” for family members who have become worried and concerned about another family member’s drug or alcohol abuse.  The Family Training Program offers the possibility for free training in [...]

It’s strange how saddened we can feel when someone we don’t even know well dies of an addiction related death. It must be because we can all relate in some intensly personal way. While I have never lost an active patient to a drug related death I’ve lost friends to addiction, colleagues to this disease, [...] Facebook addiction now has neuropsychological research to support its draw. Neuroscience reveals dopamine surges as people divulge. We are biologically wired to want to be listened to. Harvard researchers found our brains light up when we talk about ourselves  and what better place to do so then on Facebook?

Nothing like a good buzz to drown your sorrows. Animal models confirm what I learned in college. Every time one of my fraternity members broke up with their girlfriend we’d get good and drunk. For some of us, alcohol and relationships are surely hardwired and connected in our brains. turn-to-alcohol.xml When a love affair [...]

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