Addicts, researchers and drug and alcohol counselors say Vivitrol trumps methadone at curbing heroin, prescription pain pills, and other opiate addiction

Vivitrol instead of methadone to treat heroin and opiate pill addiction
Vivitrol is increasingly finding it’s accepted place in treatment for alcohol and opiate addiction


In a recent Philadelphia Inquirer, on January 18th 2013, William Bender discusses the virtures of Vivitrol in controling craving for addiction especially to alcohol and opiates. A summary of this article and link is provided below.

Two years ago, thirty-five year old, Nicole Kapulsky quit injecting heroin. She struggled with addiction and would inject heroin everyday. While in treatment for her addiction, Nicole had excessive thoughts and urges to get out and begin injecting dope (heroin) again. Once completing a detox from heroin and being medically cleared to start Vivitrol, she began receiving injections of the drug, which is an FDA-approved medication that prevents the effects that heroin has on the drug user.  Ms. Kapulsky now says that she has been off of heroin ever since her addiction treatment began and no longer thinks of using heroin on a daily basis. She recently regained full custody of her kids. The Philadelphia “Daily News” told her story last summer along with the stories of others and their family members who were all struggling with addiction and many people began to reach out to her.  Nicole is planning to attend college to become a counselor for people struggling with alcohol and other drug abuse and addiction.  She now helps other people who struggle with addiction find Vivitrol providers. Vivitrol is a prescription-only drug that is administered every month. It is commonly known as Naltrexone, which binds to the brain’s opioid receptors and blocks the effects of heroin and similar drugs including Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet etc… Unlike methadone and , Vivitrol is non addictive and does not trigger withdrawal symptoms when the treatment ends. According to people in recovery, Vivitrol also reduces cravings. Approximately 4,500 to 5,500 people in the U.S. are currently on Vivitrol, according to the manufacturer, Alkermes.  Other Philadelphia residents who struggle or have family members who struggle with addiction said many positive things about the treatment the article states.  Many therapists with whom I work closely are reporting what I have found which is that Vivitrol is an excellent aid to recovery for the right client or patient struggling with drug or alcohol use. Please find the article in its entirety here.

 If you have questions about how to find a medical provider who can prescribe Vivitrol consult an addiction psychologist or addiction treatment consultant in your area.

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  1. very informative article and blog….although i knew Vivatrol blocked the effect of certain substances, i had no idea it actually helped with cravings for substances. That is an advance on most drugs out there used to help block and reduce cravings because they are addictive in their own right. Vivatrol seems (according to this blog) a much more effective way to get the job done! Thanks Dr. Frank!

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