Prescription Drug Dangers :: It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle Jeremy Frank PhD CAC discusses Prescription Drug Use on It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle.  Abuse of prescription drugs is up 400% in the last decade so It’s Your Call looks at the reasons… Prescription Drug Dangers :: It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle [...]

  Prescription Drug Addiction Psychologist Dr. Jeremy Frank guest on Comcast It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle Sunday Feb 26th 8:30 PM and Mon 5:30 THE COMCAST NETWORK CHANNEL 8 & 201 RLTV CHANNEL 175 THE COMCAST NETWORK CHANNEL 99 RLTV CHANNEL 245 Hi all, I’m going to be on TV this Sunday at 8:30 and Monday at 5:30 [...]

Listen to a quick interview by Tiffany and Michael on February 14th 2010 discussing Whitney Houston’s drug and alcohol addiction with Jeremy Frank PhD CAC Philadelphia Psychologist and Addiction Counselor. B101 FM Radio Interview Whitney Houston Then read Dr. Frank’s blog about Whitney Houston and other celebrities struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  Blog here: Jeremy Frank [...]

Deadly Cocktail of Xanax and Alcohol Claim the Life of Whitney Houston, Early Reports Suggest   Too many of us have been guilty of making cruel and insensitive jokes about Whitney Houston since the late 1990s, taking shots at her frail frame, the loss of her golden voice, her wild, drug-laced marriage to singer Bobby [...]

People are switching from beer to liquor a report from KYW News Radio and CBS states today January 31st 2012. It’s well known that in economic downturns people cut back spending on other purchases before they give up their alcohol use. “First things first,” is the saying we hear in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Maybe that’s [...]

The Bermuda Triangle of holidays, drugs and alcohol We’ve made it through the Bermuda Triangle (the holidays: Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Years) where drugs, alcohol and families can be rough at sea. There is probably no time of year that can be so filled with mixed feelings for clients and therapists alike.

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