Substance Abuse Psychiatrists Here is a list of several psychiatrists and one physician to whom I refer regularly. Most have a psychodynamic orientation. Please feel free to call me with questions about referring to an Addiction Psychiatrist in Philadelphia. Tom Riordan, MD Main Line (610) 565-1244  Dick Limoges,  DLFAPA MD 215 (627) -5650 St. Regis Court, [...]

Adderall in pro Sports

Adderall, a prescription drug which has the ability to greatly improve focus and reaction time, has become widely used in the professional sports industry, especially in the NFL and baseball circles. Although its use is specifically prohibited in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, [...]

While the data on whether pot is a gateway drug is really mixed, it certainly does appear that marijuana is one of the first drugs that young people encounter. While marijuana may not be as dangerous as other drugs of abuse it is widely thought that individuals who use marijuana are at risk for abusing [...]

This is a guest blog by Abbey Wexler a well respected professional colleague of mine discussing her personal experience with hospice and loss. This post is not my usual drug and alcohol or addiction post but I find it moving and informative and extremely well written. Abbey is an Adjunct Instructor in the Counseling Psychology Department [...]

The Family Training Program at  is part of a series of research projects conducted by research and treatment specialists affiliated with the Treatment Research Institute offering “intervention” for family members who have become worried and concerned about another family member’s drug or alcohol abuse.  The Family Training Program offers the possibility for free training in [...]

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